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Introducing Clark “Put” Putman

Clark “Put” Putman spent 60 years in aviation.

Born in the rural “thumb” area of Michigan it was a relative, his aunt, that recognized his interest in mechanics. She enrolled him in the aero mechanics school at Detroit city airport. At that time the DC-3 was the top of the line.

He thought about and trained to be a pilot but with less than perfect eyesight, “Put” realized that if he was serious about aviation – becoming an aircraft mechanic was the ticket. Months after receiving his airframe & engines license he was drafted into the Army.

While in Korea he volunteered to help struggling mechanics change engines and cylinders in the L-19 Bird Dogs.

Mr. Putman distinguished himself from others in the field by using a surgical analysis of aircraft parts, components, and systems. His in-depth understanding of aircraft maintenance led to the development of step-by-step protocols for virtually every repair or maintenance procedure, which has increased the reliability, safety, and performance of specific aircraft.

In recognition of his innovative accomplishments as a mechanic the FAA awarded Mr. Putman with an Aviation Mechanic Citation for improving maintenance practices. He is also the recipient of the FAA Charles Taylor master mechanic award.

Mr. Putman served as flight engineer on 17 world and U.S. national record flights. He participated in a flight that circumnavigated the globe from May 24, 1984 to June 17, 1984 in a Piper Aztec.

On the 100th anniversary of the Wright brothers first manned powered flight, Mr. Putman served as the flight mechanic on a world record flight from Detroit to Kitty Hawk.

Putman was awarded the prestigious Elder Statement Award by the National Aeronautics Association in 2004. The award recognizes individuals of ability and character who have made contributions of significant value to aeronautics and exhibited qualities of patriotism, integrity and moral courage. Putman was the first aircraft mechanic to receive the award, in the award’s 49-year history. Other famous recipients include Charles Yeager, first pilot to fly faster than sound and James Doolittle, who led an air raid on Tokyo months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

He doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk… Put never hesitated to contact Piper and other vendors on problems he found in the field, he then consulted with the engineers on the solutions.

His reputation for innovative mechanical repair techniques attracts pilots from across the continental U.S.

One of his pilot clients sums it up simply – “While special rules may pass away with the things and conditions to which they refer, “Put’s” principles will last forever in those who choose to learn.”

A Quote I live by

"Your profession is not
what brings home your paycheck.
Your profession is what you
were put on earth to do
with such passion and such intensity that it
becomes spiritual in calling."
Vincent Van Gogh

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Let me start... in the beginning! I was born and raised on a grain farm near Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. We had all the usual things, tractors, combines, dogs, cats, cattle, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and about a thousand acres to play with them all on. What a great way to grow up!

Since then, I've moved around, saw the world, and got some great real world experience, including

Places I've Lived - Things I've done

  • 9 years in the US Navy - Aircraft Mechanic on Jets
  • And Fixed Helicopters during Desert Storm...
  • ... where I got to go to places like...
  • China Lake, in the Mojave Desert of California
  • Guam - a tropical island paradise in the Pacific, south of Japan
  • San Diego, CA
  • ...I've also done jobs like...
  • Armed Security at a Casino
  • Computer Network Systems Engineer (MCSE)
  • About 10 years Wedding Photo / Wedding Video
  • Spent the Winter 2012 / 2013 in Belize, Welding roof on a Childrens Home
  • Wrote a couple of books...
  • Went on a little motorcycle trip...
  • And even some Web Stuff, Tech Support, etc...

If you want to know more, just ask.

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